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  • Remembering Dy Dy

    Remembering Dy Dy

    My grandmother was the sweetest person I ever met. She never got angry or upset. She always laughed and had a good word to share. She never used "foul" language; I never heard her swear. She always sang or hummed… Posted: December 29, 2016Views: 18760No Comment Yet
  • Be a Beacon and Channel Positive Vibrations

    Be a Beacon and Channel Positive Vibrations

    Hey Family, been keeping quite these day but I have to say something...why do so many folks get on social media and shame people for believing in Christmas? For celebrating Christmas? "Oh, it's a pagan holiday," they say and on… Posted: December 27, 2016Views: 11722No Comment Yet
  • Working Together... Making Things Work

    Working Together... Making Things Work

    Once again, we are back at summer and this one is special. This summer marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of CPR... It was the summer of 2005 that Sharon Gordon and I brought together a coalition of reggae… Posted: June 24, 2015Views: 16479No Comment Yet
  • Bob ‘Skanks’ to the Top (by Kevin Jackson, Observer writer)

    Bob ‘Skanks’ to the Top (by Kevin Jackson, Observer writer)

    BOB Marley & the Wailers' Easy Skanking in Boston '78 is number one on the Billboard Reggae Album chart. Released in February, it is the only title on that tally this year which has posted double-digit sales. Featuring two historic… Posted: June 7, 2015Views: 15046No Comment Yet
  • Views on the News - May 29, 2015

    Views on the News - May 29, 2015

    The 6th Jamaican Diaspora Conference is fast approaching and there has been much discussion about state of things. Representative for the North East Advisory Board, Immigration Attorney Joan Pinnock, has been making the rounds hosting town hall meetings with the… Posted: June 7, 2015Views: 21251No Comment Yet
  • When a Win for Bolt is a Jinx for Jamaica

    When a Win for Bolt is a Jinx for Jamaica

    In a recent story in the Weekend Star, Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest person ever, and the first man to hold both the 100 meters and 200 meters world records, a recipient of the Order of Jamaica national honor, was… Posted: June 2, 2015Views: 46965No Comment Yet
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