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Music is all about performance and the enjoyment it brings. CPR began by staging an event that continues to be the hallmark activity of the organization, joined by a second seminal presentation.

Reggae Culture Salute. Reggae Culture Salute marks the anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Mennen of Ethiopia with a multimedia event that celebrates the unique relationship between reggae Rasta Emperor Selassie and Jamaica. International Women of Reggae honors the contribution of women to reggae with a presentation that assembles women from the Caribbean, North America, Europe and elsewhere to offer a unique reggae experience.


CPR maintains a multidimensional education focus that operates year round to foster audience development, artist development, and community enrichment using a diverse array of strategies.

Community Conversations Series. This series of community forums was started in 2009 when more than 200 patrons piled into the Billy holiday theatre to explore in three part harmony, the question “Could Dancehall be the Ruination of Reggae and by extension the Jamaica Brand.” Each year, the series provides five monthly forums starting in February (Reggae Month) with the State of Reggae Reception and concluding in June (Black Music Month). Currently the gatherings take place in the studios of CPRLive and are streamed live to reach a much broader audience than initially conceived. In addition to the core forums, additional forums are presented from time to time during the course of the year as developments in the community dictate. Workshop in Artist and Repertoire Development. The workshop in Artist and Repertoire Development is an ongoing workshop that offers artists the opportunities for professional development in various aspects of the industry. The workshop helps discerning artists to cultivate their craft in a nurturing environment where they support each other, sharing experiences and challenges as seasoned practitioners and professionals share their expertise and experiences.


Central to all CPR program initiatives is CPRLive, the internet media platform that serves as the glue that binds the various facets of the organization together with a mix of interactive programming and a live music stream of roots reggae music, old school dancehall and other related forms alongside vignettes that offer insights into artists, the industry and the environment that is reggae music. In addition, content derived from CPRLive’s programming and other CPR presentations form the basis of the CPRLive YouTube channel where missed programs and performances can be found.


The motto of CPRLive states that “It ain’t just Music, it’s life and the practice of CPR reflects the same. The two performance events of the organization is balanced by two networking events addressing matters that impact the industry and the community.

The State of Reggae Reception, held in February each year marks African Hedritae Month. Reggae Month and the launch of the Community Conversation Series, a series of five monthly forums addressing various issues affecting the future of the music and its preservation. Kwanzaa, the African American celebration of community and the achievements of the year brings us together at the close of the year. Besides the ingathering, the harvest is celebrating by gathering school supplies which are donated to basic schools children in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music.

Special Projects                                                                                                     

The Legacy Project. The programs of CPR include special projects that emerge from time to time. Special projects have included activities such as film screenings, town hall meetings and other special events. Special projects also include an ongoing effort to preserve the history of contributions to the development and growth of the music labeled The Legacy Project. This effort entails the archiving and curating of information and materials that will, among other things, be showcased in an online museum.

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